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Maroondah Indian Community Diwali Party
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Glitz N Glamour

We Plan, You Party

Infusing Events with Glamour

Meet Ankita Shah and Hetal Shah, Passionate Party Planners and Decorators.

In the realm of event planning, where creativity meets precision, there exists a dynamic duo - Ankita Shah and Hetal Shah. Their venture, aptly named Glitz and Glamour, is a testament to their dedication to adding that touch of sparkle to every occasion.

Their journey commenced long ago, a realisation dawned upon them - a shared passion for orchestrating and adorning celebrations. Friends and family were the first beneficiaries of their innovative ideas, transforming ordinary events into extraordinary memories.

With time, a vision emerged. They sought to extend their expertise beyond their immediate circles. Thus, in 2021, Glitz and Glamour opened its doors to a wider audience. Initially focusing on planning services, the response was nothing short of phenomenal. It was this encouragement that propelled them to embark on their second passion - decoration, a journey that began in January 2023.

The gratitude they feel is immeasurable, stemming from the trust their clients place in their work. Their specialty lies in curating hassle-free affairs, ensuring hosts revel in the moment without a worry in the world. Their packages encompass a gamut of services, from scouting venues to coordinating vendors, leaving no stone unturned.

Beyond their role as event mavericks, Ankita and Hetal don many other hats - full-time professionals, nurturing mothers, and spirited socialites. Their love for celebration extends beyond their profession, infusing life with joy and vibrancy. 🎉


Our Wishes to MIC

We extend our heartfelt wishes to you on this auspicious occasion of Diwali. It brings us immense joy to support the Diwali party organized by MIC. The vibrancy and cultural richness that your community brings to Melbourne is truly commendable.

Your dedication to fostering a sense of belonging and unity among the Indian diaspora is inspiring. The Diwali celebrations serve as a testament to your commitment towards preserving and celebrating our heritage.

We are delighted to be a part of this event, knowing that it not only brings joy and festivities to the community but also provides a platform for cultural exchange and mutual understanding. These moments of togetherness are invaluable, and we are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to their success.

Wishing you a Diwali filled with light, love, and prosperity!

Join us for the fun!

  • 14 Oct 2023, 6:30 pm – 11:00 pm
    Preston, 1 Oakover Rd, Preston VIC 3072, Australia
    Join us for a heartwarming Diwali celebration that not only spreads joy and happiness but also supports a noble cause. We invite you to our Diwali Party, dedicated to raising funds for the well-being and happiness of our senior citizen community. Reserve your Early bird ticket today!

Contact Us

Ankita Shah

(04) 2325 6294

Hetal Shah

(04) 33 444 624

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